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    Photo upload

    Hello, I have got a couple of photos I would like to upload of my stalk while I was in Scotland on my honeymoon. But it keeps telling they are to large. Does anybody know of a way to get round this or alter the quality of the pics. Thanks Sam

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    I've had the same problem recently Sam but I can't understand it as I've posted photos in the past with no problem at all. Have you tried uploading them into your photo gallery and then copying them into the section that you are trying to post in, this worked for me.
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    Yes I have and still no joy. But thank you.

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    guys, upload your picture/ video to photobucket or another file sharing site then click the link from the picture to post direct on hear, this solves any issues you will have, atb wayne
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    How big are the photos? (right click, properties, size in kb or mb)

    If you are using Windows the easiest way is to install this:

    Image Resizer for Windows - Home

    Then you can just right click and resize the photos before uploading.

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    Thanks guy I will give them a try. Cheers

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