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Thread: Deer stalking near Blairgowrie

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    Deer stalking near Blairgowrie

    Hi Guys I off to a family get together near Blairgowrie.
    Im going to be there for a week from 18th of July just wondering if anyone could point me in the direction of some paid stalking? I have my Dsc level1

    Thanks Al

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    atholl estates owns huge area of land im sure they have roe stalking

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    ross stewart, scone sporting is worth a try,

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    Lots of stalking around there! Very jealous...
    Fallow to the west
    Red to the north
    Roe to the east and south
    Speak to Robert at Crockart's or Kate at Fleming's (I assume they are still there)

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    Thanks for the help and leads guys much appreciated

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    Hi Al,
    May be a bit late but Chris Dalton of South Ayrshire Stalking (they have a website for phone no's etc) has a large area of good Roe ground just outside Kirremuir. He spends a fair bit of time there and does travel over there to meet clients so if you're not yet fixed up do try him. I've spent time on the ground with Chris and it's got plenty of deer.

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