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Thread: Ram horn preparation?

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    Ram horn preparation?

    I have no idea how to do this, i have copied the email i got from my friend and pasted it below.
    Anyone have any experience of how to preserve/prep?
    Many thanks

    We had to remove the horns from our ram today but I have kept them. They are very grubby and a bit smelly with some blood on the end. I would like to keep them, no idea what to do with them yet, perhaps get someone to craft them into a stick handle or something. Presumably before I can do any of those things I need to get them cleaned up and preserved somehow? What should I do to them to make them clean?

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    Wash them and then leave to season[anywhere dry]thats it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by levigsp View Post
    Wash them and then leave to season[anywhere dry]thats it.
    Thanks, i will pass the advice on, i thought this question had this forum stumped for the first time ever!

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    If you can get a power hose onto them the now to get the ground dirt off them. Once dried the real hard work will begin.

    Good luck with them and look forward to seeing the final result


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    You'll need to remove the soft core, otherwise it will rot & ruin the horn. You can either boil the horn & dig out the core while it's soft (messy and VERY smelly), or you can leave it in a warm place for a few days until it starts to shrink enough for you to dig it out. It's a nasty job, however you do it. A bottle brush helps, but don't use a knife or you risk breaking through the horn.
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    if you are going to use the horn to make a stick handle ,you will usually only use the solid part of the horn ,so i saw of the part of the horn containing the pith ,rough shape them and boil them to make them flexible to bend around a former to the shape i want the stick handle then leave them to dry out

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