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Thread: fox hunting vote

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    fox hunting vote

    SNP announce they will support Labour to vote against relaxations proposed by the Conservatives.
    Conservatives propose a 'free' vote for MP's.
    Scotland already has the freedoms proposed for England yet will oppose changes in England. Does this annoy you ?
    The political rift is expanding - perhaps time the Scots took rather more control of their destiny before its too late and certainly time the Scots had no vote on English Issues.

    Apologies this perhaps should have been added to the current Hunting Act thread.
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    Yes as a Scot this annoys me, it's hypocritical to say the least.

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    Not too late to contact your MP if you support the amendment, maybe futile now with the SNP intervention, but not too late. A very simple link and a few clicks of the mouse is all it takes to make your MP aware of your views.

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    I noticed that on the BBC news this morning it was stated that the SNP will vote against repealing the act as a gesture to prove the Conservatives do not control parliament. I can only see thing this descending into a real free for all, doing nothing for relationships with Scotland.

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    I've just listened again to the news and prominent is the death of the 2 crash victims in Scotland. Is it me or are the SNP just concerned with wielding political power ? The shameful deaths of these 2 people disgraces Scotland as it would disgrace England and a couple of days later the SNP sticks its dirty oar into English Issues. Amazing how years of friendship and mutual respect can descend into self interest so quickly. As of today I am English and not, sadly, British, on the basis that I would vote the SNP out of power for ever - assuming I had a vote on Scottish affairs that is.
    To say I am rather angry about this would be an understatement. Butt out Scotland !

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    Before the devolution vote, our politicians begged Scotland to stay part of the UK. The old adage: 'be careful of what you wish for' comes to mind.

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    This is just the SNP out causing trouble again. One day they will find more trouble than they can handle, as is often the case.....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Geordiehillbilly View Post
    Done as in just contacted my MP.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Neumo View Post
    This is just the SNP out causing trouble again. One day they will find more trouble than they can handle, as is often the case.....

    SNP trying to alienate the rest of the U.K. and eventually gain separation by another means I wonder?
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