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Thread: DSC 2 Accredited Witnesses

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    DSC 2 Accredited Witnesses

    Just registered for my DSC 2 and the paperwork landed on the mat the other morning.

    Had a quick read of everything, including the list of AW's provided.

    Question is, do all of the AW's listed have their own land and offer accredited wintessing for DSC 2 as part of their stalking or will they just perform AW duties on your own land?



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    stu some do and some dont, tou will just have to phone a few until you get what you want.

    good luck


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    not all AW's hav their own ground and those that do may charge you a stalking fee on top to use their ground, aswell as a cull/trophy charge
    but if you hav your own ground that will suit you better, just need to sort negotiate a deal with the AW on a price
    as they will be more than happy to travel to you at a cost
    good luck with your L2

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    Stone is correct if i go to some ones ground i charge the petrol fee and normally get my dinner at a travel in while we fill in any of the PC that have been completed. If you come to my ground there will be a charge i will charge 60 for the stalk nothing for a cull animal but if its a trophy then there is an added 40. I then take my guest for brakefast and fill in the portfolio were it has been completed. Just phone a few numbers in your area and i am sure you will get some one or beter still go buy recomendation ask on here who has had a good AW in your area. I wish you well may i just say be ready for the assessment.

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    Based in Northumberland, and already know Jon Snowdon from Greenlee, who is the assessor for my portfolio.

    Has anyone got recommendations for other AW's in the Northumberland area prior to me making a few phone calls?



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    stuey try colin kerr of the aw list he used to be duke northumberlands stalker and i think he has land in northumberland
    atb tom

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    i would go with someone with a lot of deer on there land and who chargers very very good prices. David querrell. i did not do my level 2 with him as i had mine well before he became a AW.
    But i have shot on his ground and i can honestly say he could virtually guarantee you a deer. and this is not caned hunting. He just has access to some very very highly populated ground.
    Take it from someone who has been / heard about a lot of these people that are doing level 2 that they have not got the ground or the resources to do the job right. but if you don't mind paying a fortune for a walk around then feel free.
    PM me if you would like his contact details and i will be more than happy to pass them on. If i was going to do it again i would be straight up there as it will save you a fortune.

    just my 2p worth


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    thanks for the recommendations, will give them a try when I am busy at work tomorrow.

    Any others in the Northumberland area that people have experience of?



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    Colin Kerr, top guy, very good stalker and with integrity and patience. You will not go far wrong.


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    Cheers for that Malc,

    As my land doesn't have a high concentration of deer, I need the flexibility of someone who can come onto my patch, but also somewhere new that I can go to and develop my skills further where there may be a better chance of deer. Will defo give Colin a ring.


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