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Thread: Harkila gamekeeper boots

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    Harkila gamekeeper boots

    On the way hind stalking last winter I visited John Norris(Penrith) and purchased a pair of Harkila gamekeeper boots . After a week on the hill,the rubber around toe had started to come away from the leather. I returned them to John Norris ,who were brilliant and sent me a replacement pair .After light use the second pair developed the same fault, this time I got a refund .I contacted Harkila who said I was just unlucky getting two pairs of defective boots ! I will not buy Harkila again , can anyone suggest a good pair of boots?


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    Meindl boots .. The best boots by far

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stingercargill View Post
    Meindl boots .. The best boots by far
    Yes Meindl - fantastic boots ...

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    Go for Lundhags. Your foots surrounded by rubber, certech, and the rest is leather. They do a high or mid boot. Ranger high is a great boot in your price range.

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    I'll second Lundhags.

    My Syncro High Lundhags have turned out to be the most comfortable heavy duty boots I've ever had - took a while to break in but maybe that's a measure of quality and longevity? That's heavy duty in terms of use as they are remarkably light in weight.

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    Try meindl Elbrus pro from Decathlon or if you can find them the mountain version for a taller boot.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stingercargill View Post
    Meindl boots .. The best boots by far

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    Stop messing about and get hanwag's. Proper German engineered boots. by far the best and I've worn them all.
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    Meindl boots every time for me got harklia trousers coat all great the boots are a waste of time.The wife brought me a pair of there socks for Xmas they had holes in them fist outing !!

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    Go for Meindl boots they are superb. Go for a size up as I found I needed a size 9 rather than my usual size 8. Good bargains on ebay

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