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Thread: Need a couple of fresh deer hooves...

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    Need a couple of fresh deer hooves...

    For my lab, to begin scent training him. Just drag em around the garden or wood. To try and get him interested in the scent.
    I havent passed my DSC1 yet, so dont have access to any deer parts. Can anyone tell me the number of a local game dealer, around west yorkshire who might send me a couple?


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    Happy to pay for a couple if that helps....

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    I have four from a roe in the freezer but I'm not sure how they would fare being posted in this heat.

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    Hi mate. Thanks for the reply. I'll PM you.

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    Hi Dave ideally you want to use the larger species for training until the dog is much further on in training, I am east yorkshire so not sure how far you are from me but I can give you red cleaves if you can collect or have somebody pick up at some point, atb wayne
    Discretion assured - call us anytime, free on 0800 689 0857
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    Very kind of you, thanks. Im near Ilkley Moor? PM sent.

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