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Thread: Schmidt and bender 8x56 hungarian

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    Schmidt and bender 8x56 hungarian

    Hi all about to get my new rifle and it's topped with a schmidt and bender klassik 8x56 hungarian. My question is will it be a good lamping scope. I currently have a Redfield revolution scope and it'd great but sometimes struggle whilst lamping. Is the S+B likely to be better.


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    I have the same model on my foxing rig. .243 T3 varmint. Plenty of scope for the money. Good last light if you're waiting out. You can shoot under a full moon with it. If shot foxes to 250+m at night.

    Cant go wrong in my mind with that scope. Simple but effective.


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    Got one on my foxing rifle and had the same rig for 15 yrs great no fiddle point and shoot scope ,I have 4 on various rifles

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    Thanks lads. Mines also on top of a .243 can't wait to get it sounds like it could be a good setup up then Norma

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    They're designed for low light - and work very, very well as a lamp scope (in fact, work well without the lamp on clear/moonlit nights).

    However - they often have problems with collecting glare off the moderator, especially if mounted low.

    The first thing to try if you have this problem is a strip or two of black insulating tape across the bottom of the objective bell.

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    I have one on my .222 for lamping / foxing. It's a great piece of kit, and should serve you well.
    Thanks Daniel

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    as already said by mungo the 8x56 was designed for low light work and it does this very well you will when i had one i took a few shots without the lamp on foxes that were a bit jumpy, fresh cut grass and a full moon on a clear night and you will be able to use it like a night vision it will definatly be an inprovment on your scope now

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    Thanks alot gents exactly what I wanted to here.

    Thanks again

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    IMHO they are the best lamping scope in fact if it's a clean night especially with a full moon you won't need the lamp.

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    Cheers mate. I always knew s+b were good but never used one. I'm even more excited now haha can't wait

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