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Thread: Bushnell rangefinder binos and meopta 7x50

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    Bushnell rangefinder binos and meopta 7x50

    First up is a pair of bushnell 10x42 1600 arc binos thease are in great condition with superb optics and a really good range finder that goes to 1600 m it also has inclinometer built in,there are loads of functions on thease I've only used it for spotting and direct rangeing , the binos have performed perfectly for both they will come compleat with neck strap corduroy case and original box.
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    next is a meopta 7x50 in good to average condition the glass is superb and the scope tracks and holds zero as it should there are a few wear marks these are visible on close inspection but do not
    efect the workings in any way I don't have the original box but it will be delivered in another scope box for protection.
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    Just a little weekender!!!!

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    Fast focus ocular bell?

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    yes please 'First up is a pair of bushnell 10x42 1600 arc binos' PM inbound
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    Binos now sold just the scope to go!

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    What size of tube is the scope? If it's 30mm I will take it please.

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    They are 1"

    interested if if it's the fast focus version

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    Hi yes it is a 1" tube I'm not sure if it's a fast focus model how do I tell?

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    What reticle is it? I can't make it out properly, is it the 4a or 4b with range finder or the standard 4??



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    Meopta ret

    Not a 100% sure I've added another pic I think it's the range finding ret as it has the the hight comparison Gide in the corner of it.
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