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Thread: Sauer stock removal tool

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    Sauer stock removal tool

    Anyone with a spare Sauer 202 stock removal tool for sale ?

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    Theoretically this should work. It is a hex bolt removed by a 5mm hex key with a length required of 28cm. This is a hex 30cm therefor should reach. Bondhus Hexagon/Hex/Allen Key T Handle XL 300mm 12 Extra Long 3mm 4mm 5mm 8mm | eBay
    where the info came from
    It only took me an hour to find where I place my tool set. It is for the model 200 but I hope it is the same as your model.
    Miy two tools are ziplocked together so measurements are approximate. The long tool is 27.7cm long or about 10-7/8 inches which INCLUDES almost one inch of a female socket hex head that fits a number 5 metric hex key. The other end is a male number 5 metric hex (in fact the whole length is a number 5 male metric hex up to the female socket which is welded or solder onto it.
    The small tool is a 90 degree hex wrench which has a plastic protective covering on almost all of the long side and the turn. Then it goes just a tad onto the short side. The short side is a hex wrench, also number 5 metric. At the other end, the long end, there is a nib less than 1/2 inch long which is smaller than the running length of the long side. Except for the nib, that long side is covered in plastic and I cannot see anything but imagine that the rest of the long side is also #5metric. The nib is rounded and has a diameter of 4 or 5 mm. HTH bronsht
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    Are you selling that....i think the 200 and 202 are the same

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    Get the above. They fit perfectly.
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    eBay advert, click link or put long 5mm hex key in the search, not me selling, Jim

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