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    No t strictly stalking, but I have for a long time fancied a DeLisle .45 ACP.

    I have recently got the chance of one, and am wondering the likely hood of getting fox/vermin control with it on my ticket.

    If considered sensibly it is ideal, almost completely silent, suitable only for very short range, subsonic so runs out of steam quickly, heavy enough to deliver a knock down kill.

    Any thoughts?

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    However they ricochet rather well down south a club meembr got his .44 mag underlever put on for Foxing and even with 180 grn HP's they ricochet very well.

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    Is that the one that was "invented" during WW2 for the Commandos, and they tested it by shooting pigeons off the rooftops of London during the rush hour?
    I can't see why not, but then we think logically, unlike some FLOs
    I would of thought it would have its use's, like that fox at the Cricket club, for starters.

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