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Thread: close encounter!!

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    close encounter!!

    As some know I've acquired a new wire haired teckel.

    Sunday just gone I thought I'd lost him by choking.

    Preparing Sunday roast slicing a leg of lamb cheers (ju13) a piece dropped on the floor no sooner as it did the pup flew it like a bullet and down it went well I thought it did.

    The mrs called me in the lounge as the pup looked to be struggling. He was choking.
    He was trying to cough it back up, looking at me in the eyes if so to say I need help. The mrs was quite frantic then he started squeal like a distressed rabbit. What seemed an eternity it flashed before my eyes I was going to loose him it wasn't coming out. I scooped him up squeezed his stomach, didn't work, shuck him up side down, didn't work.
    Held him upside down by his back legs, still squealing squeezed his belly couple of times. My other two dachshunds were going crazy as they new something wasn't right. Everything was running threw my mind. Then it flew out with him dangling by his back legs, combining squeeze in his stomach etc.

    Not a clue what I done was right or wrong but it worked. I rung my vet immediately informing them of what just happened. It knocked the stuffing out of him for several hours as he just wanted to be left alone.

    He's fine now. But he wee eyes looking at me squealing like a rabbit Wil haunt me for ever. Now meal prep the dogs don't enter the kitchen.

    On the up side. He's 12 weeks he's doing exceptionaly well on the liver drag tests. So need to now making the tracks older for him.

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    Glad he is ok. That must have been terrible. I thought I lost my Cocker when she was a pup. I can't explain how I felt inside. I hope you enjoy him and you have lots of good times.

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    Good work weeman. Can't afford to lose the pup yet, got a whole life of hunting in front of it.
    Blaser K95 Stutzen - the ultimate deer stalking rifle

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    Fu...n Teckels!

    Just yesterday evening I told my wife and sons, this time more seriously than ever, that it was strictly forbbiden to feed MY teckel while cooking. I taught her to stay on the living's room carpet while we are cooking. But when I'm not there...

    We also started very soon with the blood tracks and it paid off.

    I'm gald you are alive and kicking.

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