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Thread: Warm weather

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    Warm weather

    What do you do in warm weather when you have shot a deer.
    I went away yesterday with the intention of staying a few days but shot a buck after only 2 hours on the ground.
    I am not complaining mind you but after a quick graloch eating a mouth full of flies I packed up and drove home to get it in the larder asap.
    I only live about 75 miles away so not so bad for me but some people live hundreds of miles away.

    So what do you do with your deer at this time of year when you are a lone stalker and miles from the larder?

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    A good post as I believe you've indentified one of the most challenging issues for a new stalker and that all too often is not meaningfully considered until faced with their first beast. As the old saying goes: “Pulling the trigger is the easy bit - now the headaches start!”

    The following may sound flippant and negative but if you don’t have a larder-like facility to process summer-shot beasts and indeed something suitable to transport quickly, you really need to be asking yourself if you should be shooting roe bucks at this time of the year.

    I have a couple of large cooler boxes with one marked “In-The-Fur Deer Carcasses Only” and the other “Processed Venison Only” that greatly helps when each unit is filled with 10 ice packs.



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    Luckily everywhere I shoot is no more than 30 mins from home and most is about 10 mins, but I have no chilling facilities at home. I therefore limit myself to shooting in the eve and will just crack on and get it butchered and frozen or anything to be minced will go in the fridge and be done in the morning. I would love to have the space to have a chiller to hang deer and process them at my leisure.

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    I have a similar problem in that I don't (or didn't) have chiller facilities. My workaround was to buy a second under-counter fridge and separate the forequarters from the haunches after skinning. The halved carcass can then stay in the fridge until I get the time to butcher it. Obviously this only works for smaller deer, and then only one at a time. I have my eye out for a catering drinks chiller, but they seem to be really expensive in my neck of the woods
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    a good investment is a roe safe , but as you no , time is ticking away as soon as its dead , a roe safe hung in a tree in a cool shaded area ,preferably with a draft can keep your prize from getting fly blown , as this can happen in a matter of hours ,if you cant chill it soon , I open up the rib cage and give it a good clean out with strong tissue and use a spreader to keep the rib cage open , there is a useful formula to use as rough guide in relation to hours and degrees but cant recall it , good question though !

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    Quote Originally Posted by arron View Post
    . there is a useful formula to use as rough guide in relation to hours and degrees but cant recall it , good question though !
    Forty degree days, I believe.

    Four days at ten degrees or ten days at 4 degrees. & etc.

    The Longer and Lower the better I think is favourite.

    I think Bushwear market a a fridge conversion kit and also a time and temperature monitor which keeps track of it for you.


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    i have this trouble as i have no chiller yet, but what i did was ,bear in mind ive only shot two!!!but i fill those four litre milk bottles with water freeze them and put them in the spare wheel well my car has no wheel but it has the well as soon as its gralloched place milk bottles inside the carcase they dont defrost that quick as there are a few together,,,its two hrs round trip for me and its worked in the hot weather so far,atb doug,

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    Went on Gumtree and got one of those large American fridge freezers for 75 removed all the shelves in the fridge section and fitted a bar across the top, hang the roe in there for 3 days then butcher them and into the freezer section
    easy peasy

    but my shooting grounds are very local
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    Not sure what size but this cool box just spans the wheel arches of a Defender. Just line the bottom with some kind of grill to keep carcass from swimming in its own blood and add as many ice packs as you can afford. Another tip is to prop the non drain plug end for ease of draining. I attach a tube so I can washout without need to clean the boot area too.

    To stop the box moving I've attached one end of small ratchet straps to each handle and the other to the external roll cage. Go easy on the tension or you'll pop the nylon handle retaining plugs, necessitating replacement with ss steel ones!

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    Most supermarkets and Spar shops sell bags of ice. Buy a few on the way home and stuff them into the chest cavity. Works well.

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