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Thread: moderated 22 hornet

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    moderated 22 hornet

    I need a quiet fox rifle to shoot out of a fox box ( very comfy high seat ) at ranges from 100 to 150m. Is the Hornet with a good mod noticably quieter tha a 223 ? Rifle has to be used in semi urban conditions, so don't want to show up to much. Bang, door closed and finished. Is a 17 hornet in the same league ?

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    Have you considered a .222rem? I don't know how quiet a hornet would be with a moderator but I can tell you that a .222rem is quieter than a .223rem. Personally I would prefer the heavier bullet of the .222rem to that of the 17 hornet.
    It's the calibre of the shooter that counts not the calibre of the rifle.

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    22 hornet is about the same as a unmoderated 22rf without mod

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    My hornet with DM80 is quite a bit quieter than .223 with a wildcat T8 but still loud enough I've had a couple of noise complaints when shooting near houses. It sits about halfway between .17 HMR which I've shot in the same field with no issues and .223.

    If you load have you considered downloading the .223 for trail boss? I picked some up yesterday to sort a reduced load for the hornet to enable me to shoot said field
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    I use to use my moderated hornet around a guys house he's never heard me. It's about as loud as subs through an un-modded .22lr. it would be perfect for what you want.

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