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Thread: cracking weeks stalking

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    cracking weeks stalking

    hi chaps had a great week stalking, All started in northumberland were i went with a good pal of mine to cull some roe bucks, We shot 4 bucks 3 in hard horn and 1 young in velvet, Seen another 3 good bucks and a few does. Then we traveld down to nolfolk to stalk muntjack, well i dont class it as stalking as they are shot out of a high seat but still enjoyable. we were on the next est to sandringam and have been going there for the past 3 years , We had 2 morning stalks and 1 evening stalk accounting for 10 muntys 7 bucks & 3 does, We also got to hang the deer in the queens larder at sandringam. We also got asked to go down next year to shoot hairs, they shot 550 in 1 day this year so am looking forwad to that.

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    I've seen and shot some good quality bucks on my land in Nortumberland just recently, The number's seem to be up this year even though there's alot of activity with the neighbouring pheasant shoot building new pens and excavating a new pond.

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    I've had some good bucks this year there number's sure seem to be up on my land in Northumberland, it seems to be a Prime spot at the moment.

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    i also stalk in and around northumberland and ive notaced more bucks about this year.
    the bucks last year seemed to vanish but for some reason they are back.
    ive also notaced they are all in good health and the heads are up in quality

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