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Thread: Feral Goats, 308 or 270?

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    Feral Goats, 308 or 270?

    Hi everyone,

    Im facing a problem with feral goats, i own a 308win but im afraid that I will only punch a small hole in the goat at 200m.
    Does exist a reactive commercial cartridge? ( I cant reload) I was thinking in 165gr remington accutip, 150 Norma kalahari , 150 gr remington sirocco.
    If all those cartridge just punch a hole I will need to move to a 270 Win, what cartridge would you recommend for the task? ( only remington, norma and federal )
    The race of goats is small no more than 35kg.

    Thank you!

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    I wouldn't think punching a hole would be a problem mate. Any of the lighter construction bullets (not bonded or partition) would be better I'd say but the .308 is more than up to the job.
    If you are worried about it why not look into ballistic tip bullets (NOT the varmint kind).
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    I use Norma 150gr ballistic tips in a .308, and they work extremely well on roe, fallow and red hinds out to 275 metres. And I'm sure much further - 275 is the furthest I've shot with them (a red hind who died on the spot). If that's not available, the Federal 150gr ballistic tip performs identically, and Federal standard (Vital Shok) 150gr soft points are almost as good.

    I think any good soft point or hunting (not varmint) ballisitc tip will work perfectly well. The Norma Kalahari is designed for penetration on large game, not expansion - so not ideal.

    Try this website for a fairly thorough review of the available factory bullets in .308. He is mainly interested in performance at longer ranges, which I think it what you're looking for:

    .308 Winchester (7.62 NATO)

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    another vote for Norma 150gn ballistic tip. very accurate round in my rifle and plenty of energy at 200m+
    alternately if 200m is about your range then try Sako 123 game points also nice and consistent in my rifle...your mileage may vary of course

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    killed them just fine with a .223 and 55gr, forward cavity and high no problems. 308 will smash them easy in any bullet.

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    I've shot quite a few goat up in D&G and I have to say they were tough little blighters and could certainly take a round. The first one I took was with .243 and I have to say I thought I'd missed. It walked off and then gave that little tell tale wobble and eventually fell over. I wasn't happy about that at all. It was well struck too at about 200. Next time I went with the 25-06 and that was much better but then swapped to 7mm Rem Mag. Now that did sort them out on the spot. I'd say the .308 would be more than up to the job but with a decent quality bullet. Not had any issues with Sierra. But wouldn't touch Remington even if it was the last round on earth with an impending zombie apocalypse.

    Perhaps worth considering whether a lighter bullet going faster - say 130gr might be better than a heavy bullet going slowly - 180 gr You need to dump the energy into the animal and there's no point zipping straight through it wasting all that energy. I was using 140 gr in the 7mm

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    Great feedback!
    Thank you guys
    Yes, certainly 180gr will not notice the goat, a lighter bullet will do.I like Norma i use Oryx 180gr for boar. Local goats are very thin and soft, the 150gr BT will expand fast enough ? I know a 130gr will perform better but is no available in factory loads here.

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    I would be happy to use any 150g soft point or non bonded ballistic tip for the use you suggest. I too use the Norma 150g Ballistic Tip load and find it very accurate but I know Federal do an almost identical load as well. If you can obtain Hornady then any of the Amax or SST loads would also work well and are very frangible.
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    Quote Originally Posted by TORBAY EX View Post
    270 Win, what cartridge would you recommend for the task? ( only remington, norma and federal )
    The race of goats is small no more than 35kg
    My vote would be for Federal Powershok in 130gr
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    Quote Originally Posted by Paul at Fechan View Post
    killed them just fine with a .223 and 55gr, forward cavity and high no problems. 308 will smash them easy in any bullet.
    Yes, did the same for a number of years culling large numbers of goats and wild soay. 22-250 in my case with anything from 50-55gr - head and neck shots as we guaranteed that none would drop into the sea on the steep sidelands we were shooting over.

    Any .308 round will put them down if shot placement is good, but to the OP - consider a .22 centre fire if you are taking on a large scale cull of such small bodied animals.
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