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Thread: HELP Please. Rabbit leg bone cutters.

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    HELP Please. Rabbit leg bone cutters.

    Hello Folks.
    I can't even think what to call them- the equivelent of secateurs that gardeners use,but for cutting the legs of rabbits.
    I have had them in the past and they have broken and been chucked.
    What make,model,supplier would you guys recommend please?

    ATB Bryan.

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    Poultry shears?

    I have a pair of stainless Grunwerg ones that have been great over the few years I've had them. A tickle with a whetstone every now & again has kept them as good as new

    You should be able to get a pair on the bay of E no problem
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    Better to break the leg by hand at the joint and then cut through the skin and tendon with a knife. Shears break bones and leave horrible splinters.

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