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Thread: 4x4 Tax

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    4x4 Tax

    If like me l am sure there is a lot of you out there that use a 4x4 for there stalking and other activities l am also a part time keeper and realy could not do without one,l stalk for pleasure and also offer a service to local estates and landowners and make no profit out of it,l also do the gamekeeping for next to nothing only my diesel expencis are covered,so why are we tared with the same brush as the chelsea tractor owners who the majority of them use as a status symble to pop to the shops and do the school run, there should be some sort of exemption for lagitamate 4x4 users who use these vehicles for what they are designed for, l am all for helping the enviroment but not at the expence of helping this so called govenment raise more for there own mismanagement of the country so thanks Mr Brown and president Blair l am sure that l am not alone in feeling like this.

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    I bet not many use a new vehicle to go stalking?

    another £200 isnt a lot on a £40k car

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    I my self think they should be taxed i my self would have hit them harder they are more than twice as heavy as a car they rip up the roads and are Bloody dangerous in the wrong hands. The fuel they uses has got little to do with it in my book. Get a van and a quad and keep the roads clear of the 4X4 user. PS If your 4x4 is linked to a business you have nothing to moan at as you can claim all road tax back form Gordon the Scot.

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    Any car is bloody dangerous in the wrong hands, a small lightweight vehicle being driven by a boy racer can rip up the roads, a van with a quad in it is not exactly lightweight and there is a good chance it would have the same if not bigger footprint than a 4X4. This anti 4x4 feeling is ridiculous and encouraged by the powers that be. As I understand it not only will it be 4x4's that are to be targeted but also people carriers and the larger saloon. Does this mean we should all be driving about mini's?

    This holier than thou Government that we have is making all sorts of promises to spend vast amounts of money to deal with a problem that has not been proved to exist.

    There was an excellent program on the TV the other night all about global warming and the effect's of greenhouse gases. It showed how climatic change is cyclical, it had hard scientific proof of this with samples taken from deep within the ice caps at the poles. As for carbon emission's, well, I cannot remember the figures but, the percentage of man made carbon emissions was miniscule in comparison to the emission's produced annually by the Earth itself. If I remember correctly the oceans were the biggest producers

    We have been frightened, hoaxed, bamboozled call it what you will into believing that we as a race are responsible for the slow but sure destruction of the earth. I for one just cannot believe this as there is so much opposition to it from within the scientific community, and history, stretching back hundreds of thousands of years supports the cylical theory. It was not that long ago that the Thames used to freeze over on a regular basis. To me it is a good campaigning vote getter to look green and make green promises.

    Back to the 4X4's, people do not like them because why? Everybody has first hand knowledge of driving them do they? running one? no! Someone with a loud mouth has said they do not like them and it has roller coasted from there. Do they belong in towns well, if you lived in a town and towed a caravan to take the family on holiday with, what will be your carbon footprint for a typical year compared to someone who runs around in a family saloon all year then flew the family off on holiday. I don't know but it would be intersting to see. Now, I am not saying that I do not believe that we should not do anything to look after the earth's natural resources, because I do. However I do think that we should do it in an honest way and stop to picking on different parts of society. We as hunters are frowned upon, gun ownership, fieldsports, fishing, where will it stop?

    If the Government only spent the revenue that motorist's generate on the matters relating to motoring then I expect the price of fuel would come down and we would all pay £25 a year road tax. Just what does it spend our money on????

    OK, I'm ready, fire!


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    Very well said. I also saw that program on TV related to global warming due to carbon dioxide - or otherwise. Very good and very convincing. It seems global warming could be a great political and econonmic scam.

    I look at another shooting and stalking forum and much has been said; but you are the only one who has taken up a reference to that (what I consider to be) vital program. Why hasn't it had more publicity??


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    Actually most of you have nothing to moan about as this only applies to cars registered after 23rd March 2006 and your dealer will probably pay the first year's tax for a new car.

    It doesn't just apply to 4x4s and it may not apply to some 4x4s as it's based on emissions, so those driving smaller 4x4s and diesel models might not be affected anyway even if your car is new enough.

    I love my 4x4 as it enables me to look over hedges and spot deer that I wouldn't be able to see from a lower vehicle.

    I may have to sell the Testarossa though!

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    I see on the news this week a group of prominent scientists have came out and said that the green house effect is being over played (polite way of saying you are talking ******** me thinks ).

    Now I am with you on conserving the earth resources, but my wife says that is because I am just tight.

    I run a Suzuki 1.9 diesel 4X4 that does 40 mpg and about 80 mph flat out and it is going to be put in the same tax bracket as a Ranger Rover V8 supercharger doing less than 10 mpg.

    The other facture being over looked is the amount of recourses used in making these new “greener” cars' there should be tax encouragements the run older vehicles for longer.

    I also believe that the Stalinist Chancellor (to be fair all parties are heading the same polices) is using “Green Tax” to tax us all and get a pat on the back for it, I don’t think people are going to be conned for much longer not that that will stop the politicians from ripping the heart out of our wallets. What I want to know is were is all our money going, in there pension fund no doubt.


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    What a stupid statement, 'dangerous in the wrong hands'
    a bloody electric wheelchair is dangerous in the wrong hands, you see, you are just like your mate Gordon the Scot, tar everyone with the same brush.

    We live 900 feet up the side of a mountain so we need a 4*4 just to get in and out, we always get snow and a regular car would not make it back home.

    Go on then, give me the usual Bull**** like you choose to live there, why dont you move down into concrete city etc.

    I would love to do without a car of any decription, just so I dont have to give slackjaw gordon any more hard earned cash, but I cant.

    Oh yes, of course a quad is very environmentaly friendly, isnt it?
    Go and hug a tree

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    6.5x55 obviously you have not taken into account all those people who live in remote rural areas that need a 4x4. Ripping up the roads eh! what a load of b-----ks. Whatabout the boy racers that tear around the streets tearing up the roads, uninsured and causing accidents? I also have a quad, which I tow behind my 4x4, and it has taken me 20 years to accumilate the equipment I now have, and I have paid my bloody taxes the same as you and everyone else. There are more accidents caused by juggernaut lorries with foreign plates on them than 4x4 drivers.

    Great Britain used to be a free country. Why should anyone be penalised because they want or need or like to drive a 4x4. If this law was applied in the States or France there would be riots. What you do not seem to realise is that the present government have taken away another one of our rights, the right to choose which vehicle we like or want to drive. Maybe they should hike up the tax on vans, after all most white van drivers are amongst the worst drivers on the roads.

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    Very well said malcolm,couldn't agree enough!!

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