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    Actions/Custom builds

    I have the following excellent quality and tolerance actions available for builds which I propose as follows:

    FN commercial Mauser - 7mm Rem Mag (or other 7mm) in Mcmillan hunter style stock, CDI Precision bottom metal and AICS mag system. Any LOP and to be installed with Pachmayer Decelerator pad. Barrel could be LW, Shilen, Krieger in 1:9 twist 26" up to No. 5 contour. I propose Ken Farrel Rail and rings and rifle would be fitted with a single set Recknagel or Canjar trigger (unless otherwise requested). Could be stainless or mild steel for bluing, or coated of course. Stock either black or light olive factory colours or any coat if dura/cera coated. Price will be approx. £3,500 and should be completed within approx. 12 months.

    FN commercial Mauser - I propose a classic 30-06 build with a walnut stock and swingplate floorplate, ebony tip, silvers pad and ebony or steel grip cap. I see this with either Conetrol mounts (no front sights) or Recknagel Eramatic swing off mounts and Recknagel rear and front sight (1 or 2 leaf and either banded or ramp front sight). Price will be approx. £4,500 depending on wood quality and fitting requirements to the shooter, and could be completed within 24 months.

    BRNO VZ24 - I propose a 300H&H build with appropriate length/twist barrel. Fine walnut stock, ebony tip, steel grip cap, silvers pad covered in brown leather, either with Swift Blackburn magnum bottom metal or classic mauser with blind floorplate. I see this with banded front sight, 2 or 3 leaf rear sight, EAW or Recknagel swing off mounts, perhaps also with an integral rigby style peep sight in the cocking piece. An alternative would be to retrofit into a double square bridge action and install JP Smithson rings or clawmounts. Price will be between £3,750 and £6,500 depending on mount structure and wood quality of stock blank. Project will take 24-36 months.

    Small Ring Mauser - I propose a .257 Roberts build or 7x57 on this action, in classic bavarian or alpine stock, ebony schnabel tip, swing off mounts and 1 leaf rear sight and ramp front sight. 24" barrel with 1:9 or 1:10 twist in either featherweight or lightweight sporter contour. Dressels or Alaska Arms trigger and 2 or 3 position safety. Price will be approx. £3,500 depending on wood quality and will have estimated completion time of 18 to 24 months.

    The above are currently in the US awaiting export to the UK and are expected to arrive this late autumn.

    T&C's outlined separately but payment structure will be 50% upfront, 25% halfway completion, 25% on completion.

    Please PM with any interest you may have.


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