Budget (but good) 22-250

Very good condition varmint profile stainless barrel coming off an action. The barrel is threaded 1/2" unf and is 25" with a recessed target crown and can deliver 1/4" moa groups. I believe this is a 1:14 twist and shoots 55g factory ammo with tremendous joy to say the least. Manufacturer I was told was Krieger, but cannot be confirmed. Rifling is tall and crisp with no apparent pitting or erosion. I see this having thousands of rounds of life left in it.

Will come with FN wooden stock and can be fitted to a standard Mauser 98 commercial action but I will need to have re-proofed first of course.

I would be looking for around £400, but would need time to barrel it up and to be proofed before delivery.

Alternatively, and perhaps more of interest to me, barrel can be sold on it's own (threaded for large ring Mauser 98) for £150 plus shipping, stock can be provided free of charge if you wish to build it up yourself.

Please PM if interested.