I have decided to launch a series of Left Hand custom mauser 98 based rifles..now now lefties, don't say there's nothing for you out there!

These will be built either as classic sporter rifles, alpine style, or safari/DG and can be done on standard length mauser 98 or magnum action. Option of either rounded or double square bridge and associated mounting solutions.

Stock will be made to your LOP and drop at comb/heel requirements, and will be of the finest walnut, oil finished of course. Rifles will be slow rust blued, action can be left in the white Rigby style if required. Rear sights and front sights (ramp or banded) naturally of course, along with leather covered silvers pad (or steel) and steel or ebony grip cap plus ebony tip. Bottom metal will be aftermarket swingplate. Basic engravings can be accomodated, but I am not looking for excessive engraving work or gold inlays, but can be done at agreed rates of course. The bolt will be straight bolt handled and have a 3 position side safety.

These will be very classic rifles, indeed, classic lines and beautiful form with flawless mauser function of course. I would be looking to build these in 'classic' calibres only, no 'lapua' or 'creedmoore's please :-)

They will take 24 to 36 months to complete, and will be priced at £12,500 approx, again, depending on engraving work etc.

I will say, it will be the first line of left hand rifles I am doing, so no, I cannot provide you with pictures of left hand completed rifles, sorry.

Please pm with any enquiries.