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Thread: Rife / Scope / Moderator Deal

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    Rife / Scope / Moderator Deal

    For Sale - Rifle, Scope, Mounts, Moderator deal.

    Guys and Gals,

    Due to lack of use I'm selling the following rifle package.

    Howa 1500 barrelled action (.308 Winchester) in a black hogue stock.
    The barrelled action is in blued steel, with a twenty inch varmint profile barrel.
    The chamber, bore, muzzle and crown are immaculate with no pitting or anything untoward.
    The trigger is standard but I have reduced the pull weight and it now breaks beautifully, but remains safe.

    Included in the price is a Swarovski 6x42 scope which again is spotless, the glass is unmarked, clear and has no swirl marks.

    The moderator is a DM80 and is the reflex style.

    Photos will follow later tonight.
    I'm happy enough to RFD if required.

    Bipod and sling not included.

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    hi cadex im looking for a quality scope for my sako finny if you split the rifle and scope I would be interested in the scope but I hope you get a sale for your rifle dave.

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    Hi Dave, thanks but just going to sell as a package buddy.

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    looks like a good deal. Only need to wait 6 months to get my FAC application sorted..........

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    Is it a custom gun or standard Howa? I'm looking a for a 308 setup, have FAC. What is the count and how old is the gun/scope/mod?

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    What thread is the mod?

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    Hi guys, I'm afraid I don't know what the round count is and if I had to give a number I'd be guessing. . . but given the overall condition it would be fair to say it's not high.
    The scope was bought off JagerSA and is in very good condition both externally and internally.
    It's a completely standard set-up not customised in any way.

    I've sold quite a few rifles on the SD and I think it's pretty well known that the stuff I sell is always in tip top condition.

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    What thread is the moderator?

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    Hi Ross, sorry I missed your post, the threading is half inch UNF

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