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Thread: Renewal question

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    Renewal question

    My shotgun ticket is up for renewal and I'm getting a coterminous ticket this time,for the life of me,I can't find wether I need a referee for a renewal or not,there's no indication to this on the bumf the police send,only stipulating referees on new applications.

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    Just going through the same process, going for FAC and SGC coterminous renewal. We need 2 referees in total for this process.

    I hope I understand you correctly!


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    Thanks,pretty confident I needed them,can't remember yesterday far less 5 year ago. Just there's no info on it for renewals unless I'm missing it.

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    If I had brains I'd be dangerous................there is a separate 'guidance' pdf doc on the Police Scotland website. I printed it out and it's amongst my renewal paperwork. All you need to know to sort the forms;



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    For SGC you need one referee. For FAC, you need two. One of your FAC referees can also be your SGC referee.

    Also, that document is confusing. For example, it doesn't mention countersignature of photo's for renewals, but then further down it does. According to the FEO it's not necessary for renewals though.

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    That's what I thought,not very clear instructions. Fill it in anyway,the dogs think I'm alright and the mother In Law!

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    Get up to speed Scotland, this is 2015, where have you been?

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