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Thread: .308 Factory Ammo

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    .308 Factory Ammo

    I have the following taking up space in a small ammo allowance with no prospect of using them before the year 2074:

    16x Geco 170gr SP
    9x Sako 123gr SP
    6x Federal 150gr SP

    all for .308 Win. I also believe I have the brass cases for the fired rounds if a reloader wants sets of 20 cases to work with when they're used.

    12.50 the lot, face to face only, CB22.

    Oh and preferably to someone who knows what, if anything, I have to write on the buyer's ticket!

    Alternatively, will swap for a decent quantity of 180gr SP bullets or a reasonable number of monolithic bullets, preferably Barnes or the Hornady GMX kind, which I can have a play about with. Please PM me telling me what kind you have if you want to do this.

    Thanks for your interest!
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    Yes Please! Will PM.

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    You can always apply for an increase in your ammo / expanding bullet holding on the grounds of reloading quantities. Look at the Home Office Guidance. Mine was put up to 500 for the .308 when I started reloading.

    Saves any embarrassment if you want to try a few different types.


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