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Thread: deer licks and mineral blocks

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    deer licks and mineral blocks

    I have been reading about salt licks and mineral blocks plus using molasses on then to help attract the deer.I was wondering if this would be any good for attracting sika deer as i cant see any mention of sika in any of the forums.The reason being is that the sika on the land i shoot only seem to move in the dark as it has alot of walkers on it and i would like to try this out to see if i can encourge them out abit earlier.

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    Hi Buck,

    We are just about to start trialling these:

    The plan is to put an apple salt block in each, then pour molasses over the top and allow the mixture to run down the post/stump.

    I've heard that foxes/badgers pissing on the blocks can be a pain, so these things should stop that. This is primarily for roe deer, but may also try on reds higher up the hill later in summer. Will keep you posted on the results...

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