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Thread: Dropped my damn rifle :(

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    Dropped my damn rifle :(

    Slipped off my shoulder while glassing a buck last night. Off all the places I could have been, I was standing on a concrete forecourt... Rifle went backwards, but first and then over with the end of the S&B PM2 taking the full force of the impact .. Rifle undamaged but end of scope flattened somewhat, no idea if the tube was bent but it was a big impact .. I have a spare PM2 on another rifle so could switch them, but I'm down to my last few rounds (not even quite enough for the rut, but I would have made do) and don't have any time to get any more loaded, or re-zero the f'ing rifle .. Coupled with a demanding work life at the moment and god-damn hippies living in adjacent woodland.. this year's stalking has been disappointing to say the least

    Anyone know how easy it is to get S&B to rebuild a scope? Even if it isn't actually damaged mechanically, cosmetically it will annoy me and has to be fixed.

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    S&b despite their quality and ruggedness, leave a lot to be desired on the service front. You can have it fixed just fine in Germany, email them and you will probably speak with Sabine who is very helpful. They will charge you their full rate for the work, so by the things of it, expect work like this from s&b to be 350-500+.
    bewsher on here knows too well from his last work on a snapped reticle. I'm fact, he might have the exact email address phone numbers etc, you can try pm'ing him

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    Sorry to here that a proper sickening feeling when you look to pick it up. can you not claim on your house hold insurance.

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    Thanks I will do.. TBH the rifle would have been a much more expensive/ bigger problem if I'd significantly damaged that so in the grand scheme of things....

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    My excess is probably close to the cost of having it fixed and in all honestly the cost isn't so much the issue as the timing... Just trying to workout if I can find a couple of hours to fire up the press and run off a box.. I'm just super pressed for time at the moment is the problem..

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    Check the zero - bore sight first - you might be surprised! A ding on the scope whilst unsightly may not not mean it's completely damaged. It may take a few clicks to bring it back to zero.

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    Sorry to hear but so easy to do what a bummer ,I have my kit insured now for something just like this happening .
    hope you sort it .

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    So glad it did not have one up the spout all other problems then become somewhat minor.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bavarianbrit View Post
    So glad it did not have one up the spout all other problems then become somewhat minor.
    Who said he didn't have one up the spout? Did I miss something?

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    That's not good and such a good scope to damage too!
    Out of interest, were you carrying it 'muzzle-up'?

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