Some hunting friends of mine are expecting a baby very soon. They have come up with this problem.
Has anyone got a suggestion or experienced the same??

Hiya guys,

I know it's probably a bit of a long shot, but thought it would be worth an ask...

With having the baby due soon, I've started looking for a car seat that is compatible with the Navara. I am getting nowhere! Everything we try isn't compatible, moves too much or has buckle crunch.

Part of the problem is that the seat beat 'stems' are quite long, so most baby seats get buckle crunch. I've even been onto Nissan asking if they can shorten the stems!!!

Has anyone any ideas or experience of Navaras and baby seats? Any suggestions on particular seats to try. I've just been this morning and had a Britax First Class Plus tried and it was no good (that is supposed to fit most cars as there are different ways of putting the belt around it).

The Nav is a 2001 model.

Thank you!