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Thread: Scent training sessions

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    Scent training sessions

    I have Labrador bitch ,that I have been scent training for the last 18 months . I use scent shoes and deer blood . I started off setting a trail 3-4 times a week varying the distance and difficulty . she has tracked live deer but to no great distance ,110m max. I have now cut the training down to once a week . is that enough ? I also have a request that if members dogs do a live deer track please do a write up , as I find these post very informative and interesting .


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    I am not an expert on these things but from what I have read that's far too often

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    Once a week is more than enough. After 18 months of training your dog should be able to track without blood. You need to be challenging the dogs ability now.

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    chill you do not say what stage you are at or what you have been doing in your training. 3-4 times a week is a lot for tracks but again you need to give more info, how much blood are you using and how many real tracks are you doing, also what species are you training with, atb wayne
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    Hi Chil,

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