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Thread: Hornady Match vs AMax?

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    Hornady Match vs AMax?

    Anyone using this as an alternative target round?

    the BC's are almost the same
    (.58 vs .585 for 140gr 6.5mm)
    (.610 vs .625 for 162gr 7mm)
    (.620 vs .645 for 208gr .30)

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    Most of my non-polymer match bullets have been Sierra.

    I did load some Hornady 196-gr 8mm match BTHP bullets last year ( very high BC), but have only shot them at 100 yards out of my Yugo M48 and my JP Sauer Sporting Mauser, which has a Lyman receiver sight. I shot a sub-moa group out of each rifle, at 2,550 FPS. It would be interesting to shoot them with a scope at long range. It makes me want to try their other match bullets.

    PS: You cannot just go by the highest G1 B.C. You have to use the average B.C. over the range you are going to shoot, using the decreasing velocities, or use the G7 B.C.

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    The G7s look pretty close to each other too

    just seem to be a close option for those looking for Amax in unobtanium sizes

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    Don't know about Hornady match but I have found Sierra match kings shoot better out of both my .223 and my .308 than Hornady A-max.
    It's the calibre of the shooter that counts not the calibre of the rifle.

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    Amaxs shoot superbly in my rifles

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