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Thread: blue peter job

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    blue peter job

    been interested in making stocks for rifles for a while now but don't know much about the craft. any good links, books etc that anyone can recommend on how its done?

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    Ok. I don't know what a Blue Peter Job is but a good book on stock making is by Monte Kennedy in the US. When I was at gunsmithing school it was a standard text book; "The Checkering and Carving of Gunstocks", (Kennedy)~Muir
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    Blue Peter is a Kids program on childrens TV where they make thinks out of cardboard and string and toilet roll tubes like rockets and castles and ? (rifle stocks)!

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    TRACEY ISLAND!!! oh yeah.


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    Sounds like my work place...~Muir

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    My workplace is more like a combination of The Muppet Show and Scrapheap Challenge but with deer wandering around in the background! JC

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    thanks for the info, what i mean is a d i y job

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    I have a wonderful book written by Fraser Clyde called Modern Gunsmithing - mine is a modern reprint. Written sometime in the 1930's and there are very good chapters talking you through stock making. I used this to help me build a stock for my 22rf Brno from a solid piece of cherry wood that came from a tree in the garden - it had been seasoned for a few years before I attacked it. It is actually not that difficult but you just need a) very sharp tools and b) lots of patience and time. If you go slowly and don't rush then you will be fine.

    The alternative would be to getting a semi finished balnk from the states - have a google search of Walnut Stock blanks etc - Sernegiet Rifle worls I think can let you have a rough finished - the hard shapiing has been done, letting you do the final shaping, sanding and finishing.

    Midway USA has lots of useful gunsmithing videos on you tube.

    Heym SR20
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    Hiya Heym
    I have the same title by James Virgil Howe.The most comprehensive book on all aspects of rifle work I've ever read.

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    Howes book and the other are two of about six books with that title! I have Howe's books, Volumes one and two... signed by the author in 1934 no less! Got onto Barnes and Noble Used Books and they had these for $35 for the pair. When I got it I was floored to see the autograph; I guess the seller missed it. I have the Wolfe reprint for greasy thumbed reference work but this first edition is nice to show off!~Muir

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