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Thread: Some of the deer that survived the harsh Scottish winter.

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    Some of the deer that survived the harsh Scottish winter.

    Hi All,

    Have just got back from a week on the Black Isle with Phil and Seb.

    Went out with the camera and managed to get a few snaps! Took about 500 in total - so plenty to bore everyone with!

    Some of the deer were still quite skinny, we did see some dead ones that had not made it.

    A good trip!

    Stags at Glen Cannich

    Some more

    Had quite a long walk to get near to them!

    Saw these in a field up Strath Conon, there was some bullocks hiding in the corner as if they were scared of the Stags

    A hind in the bracken.

    A majestic stag in Strath Conon.

    A large group.

    A wild goat in Glen Farrar - yes we were up wind!

    With its Kid - no sign of the daddy!

    Hope you enjoy them as much as I did taking them.



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    Michelle, if that is boredom, bring it on lady! smashing pictures.
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    Well done with the pictures, good dramatic shots, you must have spent a fair bit of time getting close, or is that the magic of camera trickery stuff.

    Keep them coming,


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    Camera trickery! Don't know what you mean..... Am used to crawling after Phil on my hands and knees!

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    well done mate cracking set of pics. got any more goat pics?

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    Very nice pics,well done

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    Cracking pics, makes me wish I was up there again!


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    Hi Michelle
    sorry you never managed to get to the bealloch and sorry for not replying sooner but i`ve been working on Islay for a fortnight and no tinternet!
    The stags in the Stath seem to have faired better than those further north!
    My best mate lives and works in Strathconon as a master taxidermist so I`m up there regular and never tyre of the place

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    once again pla some cracking pics there.

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