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Thread: Bird deterrent spikes.

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    Bird deterrent spikes.

    We have just had the beautiful new courtyard gates installed. Delighted. Now however, the pesky birds, which my darling partner feeds constantly, are using them to perch on and survey their next feeding opportunity.
    With perching comes pooing and so I need advice from the members on this great site on what spikes to fit.
    Must they be plastic? Are there regulations? I suppose we must protect the hands of any nosey sod who pulls himself up to have a look in!!
    Thanks folks in advance.

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    I've seen plastic ones called 'flock off' in S.Africa. There must be similar ones here. They won't hurt anybody as the spikes are quite flexible.

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    You can try spreading treacle on the areas they perch, sticky feet aren't appealing for landing on thin branches!

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    Search on Amazon under "bird deterrent" plenty of cheap, effective options ranging from reflective tape to plastic spikes.

    I would avoid treacle and such like as this would be very detrimental to small birds and is actually a technique used by those who illegally trap small birds and finches.

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    Used to call it bird lime and thats how a lot of finches and small birds were caught for pets/shows back in the day. Cannae mind how it was made now thou.
    Would treacle not run down ur gate and make a worse mess than the poo?

    There are loads of different spike type deterent's, wether any will suit wot ur looking for? Most are for larger pigeon/seagull etc.
    Sure there will be loads on ebay but mibee search some proper pest supply control/companies sometimes a lot cheaper than ebay.

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    Fishing line usually p's em off...
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    One thing to remember is the birds you are targeting, the length/height of the spikes to the the length of their legs, if the spikes are too short the bigger birds will still be able to perch on the gates.

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    Exactly what birds are we talking about. Spikes work well for pigeons and bigger but sparrows etc will just sit in-between them. More aesthetically pleasing may be a post and wire system.

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    Fix a 6x1 inch flat plate on each end of gate and run some fine fishing line across it or look at defender bird spikes.
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    You can get a product now called bird free it a sort of gell in a tray that spooks them. Sounds datf but it works well on most birds and is low profile so is more pleasing to look at than spikes. If you can't find it drop me a pm

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