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Thread: Swarovski ballistic turrets

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    Swarovski ballistic turrets

    Hi just brought a z6 2.5-15x56 with ballistic turrets, that I've put on my stalking rifle in 308. Always sight it in 1 inch high at 100 yards , but looking on the swarovski site I can set it bang on at 100 and by putting the right data in set the coloured rings for longer ranges. Not that I would use it much for my type of stalking.but would fancy some long range targets. Have many of you tried using them at long ranges and how accurate are they ?? Brought the scope second hand because I was impressed with my 8.5x42 el at last light though I'd give the scopes a try. Thanks murph

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    It's as accurate as your drop data is.
    Swaro are quite good a repeatability on clicks, as you might expect at the price point.

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