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Thread: Rum Cull

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    Rum Cull

    Anyone fancy it? You'll be subject to a lot of bad press, I reckon, the antis are already circling!

    From our local paper:

    Can't wait to see how the BBC portray it in the autumn!

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    If I had my 2 I would have been up for a bit of that action. I used to go on holiday to the isle of eigg which overlooks Rhum when I was a Kid. Good times. I remember seeing some of the Garands from Rhum that were retired there and they were in a right state with their feet and diped backs from being used to young or for to heavy weights. that was 20 odd years ago though.


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    I wonder what the winning tender will be?

    A pity that it can't be split into more manageable chunks, i.e. a week at a time like the BASC scheme.

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    I would love to, but full time work wouldn`t allow, although i may make enquiries. and, the animals rights lobby wouldn`t bother me.


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