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Thread: wilson arbor press

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    wilson arbor press

    Hi All, has anyone got a good second hand Wilson arbor press they are wanting to sell? thanks Dean

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    what about a decent deal on a new?
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    Hi Mark, how much are they new?

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    Hi Dean I am in Leicestershire near J21 of the M1 (that's the Leicester Forest East Services). I have an arbor press that is a "K and M" look something or other like the below picture, that I don't now want. It is yours, or anyboby else's for 105 collect. Am in Paris until late 27th July but I'll post pictures then. Used it ONCE to see if it was a viable "on the range" way to seat bullets on cases for load testing. But went back to using a Lyman 310 Tool as they, taking up less space, never got left behind! Never again!
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