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Thread: Bullets with cannulares? (need crimping i think?)

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    Bullets with cannulares? (need crimping i think?)

    hi all, ive been trying to find a load for .270 win, but to my amazement i cant seem to find any bullet heads that dont have this cannulare thing? im not sure what it is or what it does but i do know that i dont want it on my heads. (i think it is something to do with crimping the head in the case?) but an explanation would be great, including what equipment i would need to do the crimping.

    I load 22/250 and have never come accross this on any bullet heads before, i was hoping that the step up to 270 would be simples but it would appear not.

    Any info greatly recieved!


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    Hi Skippy, .270 rounds are available without a cannelure ring, these rings are sometimes applied by the makers of bullets as a belt & braces measure when joining the copper jacket to the lead inner core & also as a means of giving a crimp more purchase on the bullet, some more commonly available rounds, are remington flat base (no crimp ring / cannelure) as are lots of others in many calibres from hornady etc etc,Steve.
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    Don't know if it is essential to crimp them but that is obviously what its for but only drawback is that to crimp into the cannulare every case has to be the same length to start with and that will obviously govern the bullet seating depth.You should have crimper built into the seating die usually screw down to case neck then screw in a bit more until you achieve the required amount of crimp.

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    Skipp: No flame here, but if EVERY .270 bullet you come across has a channelure, and people happily load and shoot these bullets, why on earth would you think it is a bad thing?? Intuition? Relax a bit.

    Finn is right. It can be used for crimping with some calibers and bullets, but you'll often find the channelure is in a spot that in no way allows proper seating depth and a crimp. This is a hint that the channelure is a structural facet of the bullet's construction. Hornady is big on this and if you pick up some 52 grain jacketed HP bullets for your 22-250 you'll find that dreaded channelure right there, staring you in the face. Despite this, it is an excellent and accurate bullet.

    DR: You do need to have the cases exactly the same length to use crimping effectively but cases should be trimmed at every reloading anyhow, right? Crimping is worth a try but I'd go for the Lee Factory Crimp Die. You don't need a channelure to use that item.~Muir

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    Skipp, Muir has an uncanny knack for describing something in the round, (not a pun I might add), guys like him have been there, done it,& listened to someone else who was there before them, & applied what they saw / heard........... in the parlance of those across the pond "Go figure"..................
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    Just in case it isn't clear as no one has really stated it but...

    Just because it has a cannulare for a crimp doesn't mean that you have to crimp and you can load these bullets to any reasonable and safe length without a crimp at no disadvantage. As others have said they are, in some cases, an important part of the structure of the bullet so you really do want them on bullets that have them. My guess is that they help stop the lead core from breaking free from the guilding metal that forms the jacket of the bullet.

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    Thanks for the reply's chaps, Muir: i dont think its a bad thing to have a canular on a bullet head, infact i dont think anything about them at all, all i do know is that i havent come accross this sort of thing with my 22/250. so it is thier to aid bullet jacket / core adhedision in the bullet head manufacture process? right? can be used as an aid with crimping? right? and ultimatley will not effect or make a blind bit of difference if i choose not to crimp my rounds? (i hope)

    Im affriad to say i am not a great fan of "Change" if i go to buy a car it should have 4 wheels one on each corner, if i see one with five wheels i probably will steer clear of it, it may be "better" or make no difference at all, but all the same it is change and i dont want to know! sorry old man syndrome.

    my die set does not have a crimping feature, or if it does i am unaware of it, so will i be ok to choose a load out of the hornady book, pick a head with a cannular and seat it to a depth that i am happy without crimping or buying another die set (10thou from the lands for example) and go from thier?

    do the deer object to a cannular?


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    Common now Skip! " not sure what it is or what it does but i do know that i don't want it on my heads" doesn't sound like you think it's a GOOD thing! I wasn't bashing you. I just didn't see the problem. Maybe it's because I have seen channelures all of my reloading life and take them for granted as something that is either there or not depending on the application. You are free to ignore them and yes, in the 270 they would be most likely a structural facet. Oh, and the Lee Crimp Die (one die, not a set) is really inexpensive. I try it on all my loads and generally the results are positive. As I mentioned, it doesn't need a channelure to work.

    Deer don't have the chance to object!~Muir

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    thanks for the input Muir, i treat everything new to me as if it is a bad thing , that way when it turns out to be a bad thing im not suprised or dishartend , and when it turns out to be a good thing i am pleasantly suprised and might even raise a smile (doesnt happen often). I will try a batch of homeloads (less than 100 in one go this time) in an available bullet head with a cannular and see what happens, i may even purchase a crimping die.



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    Been reloading for 20 years, as has been said, forget the cannalure and just load like it isnt there, it will make no difference to your reloads or safety, I have always been told that generally crimping is not required for hunting rounds providing your dies are set to give sufficient neck tention.

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