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Thread: Personalised number plate (non deer related)

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    Personalised number plate (non deer related)

    I am being forced into selling one of my personalised plates (the least favourite and least wanky!) and no doubt the other will follow soon.

    Up for grabs is...

    RD55 LAM

    Plate is on retention so won't be any major lead time to getting documents and getting it onto your vehicle of choice.

    valued at 900, but open to sensible offers, swap or p/ex for a good pair of binoculars.
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    Also willing to swap for good bins and cash either way.

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    Fantastic location!
    Do you wear a Fox Hat?

    Am I missing something? How is that a personalised plate? Looks fairly normal?

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    Me too was wondering. Just a 55 plate innit ?

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    That is the sketch that helped me decide on the name Fox Hat for the business I'm currently setting up. Classic.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rake Aboot View Post
    Me too was wondering. Just a 55 plate innit ?
    Just clocked the user name rosslamb!
    As long as that's your name, worth every penny of 900!

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    Too much MSing turned you blind MS?

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    Just couldn't for the life of me work out why it would be desirable. Out of interest, have you considered searching similar names on Facebook or similar to target individuals that might be interested?
    Just a thought?
    Good luck!

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    That's a good thought, definitely the smart mans route. But in all honesty, no! Been quite lazy with it, its up on the net too and a well known auction site. Being offshore at least 21 days out of 28 with a pregnant wife, a house in the middle of doing up and trying to get some stalking's been way down the list of things I can be arsed doing.

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