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Thread: Who Actually Hunts with a Drilling?

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    Who Actually Hunts with a Drilling?

    Well 7 filmed driven hunts with my drilling in the last two months I was keen to see any SD members out there putting their drillings to good use this year
    Blaser K95 Stutzen - the ultimate deer stalking rifle

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    Cue Pine Marten :-)

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    lol, enter pine martin stage right.

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    Quote Originally Posted by artschool View Post
    lol, enter pine martin stage right.
    Might want to re-phrase that one !!

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    I have two combination guns: a 16ga / 8x57JRS with 2.5x Leupold in claw mounts, and a 20ga / 7x57R on a very light frame, with the claw bases but no rings, yet. I have taken one deer with it about five years ago, using a 170-gr Hornady RN.

    I have been working up loads for the 7x57R. I have a factory 175-gr load and a slug shooting to the same point at 50 yards with the rear leaf sight. Other bullets in work up are 162-gr SST, 154-gr Hornady RN, 139-gr Hornady, and 120-gr Nosler Ballistic Tip and 120-gr Sierra. Some broken ribs put a halt on that for a while, but I hope to get a deer or hog with it this late fall. Shooting resumes this week with the light bullets.

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    Yep, I have a Sauer 3000, 7x65r 16g 16g drilling also with an einstecklauf in .22lr. It's not my go to every day gun, but a lot of fun especially come august when there are also lots of pigeons around!

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    A few pics of dead things shot with my Merkel combi.

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    I have 3 I use mainly a Sauer 3000 7x57R/16G with a Zeiss 3-12x56, I just picked up at xmas a Sauer 3000 6.5x57/16G with a Zeiss 6x42 which needs a scope service-Foggy internals.
    And finally an older 8x58R/16G underlever opening with a Hertel & Reuss 3-10 x 48 scope which I have never yet shot but it just has super engraving and is my eye candy piece.

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    Got to have three barrels to qualify in this thread lol!

    I have a combo as well which I used for three seasons of driven hunts but ill save that for another thread.

    sounds like some nice drilllings there.

    one is a Sauer 3000 export with beaver front end and Zeiss 1.5-6x36 sem claw mounts. 7x65R 12/70 half and full chokes. I have a kreighoff 22mag einstecklauf for it as well.
    Blaser K95 Stutzen - the ultimate deer stalking rifle

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    Quote Originally Posted by mchughcb View Post
    Got to have three barrels to qualify in this thread lol!
    I have the itch to maybe trade in my 8x5JRS combo for a 16x16x8x57R drilling.
    I am curious as to how you have your barrels regulated?
    One barrel shooting a slug to match the rifle barrel with the iron sights, and the other shotgun barrel sighted with the scope?
    Or the rifle barrel sighted for the scope, iron sights and one barrel, and the other barrel just for bird shot, or very close up with the slug as a backup?

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