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Thread: Ceral harvest has started

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    Ceral harvest has started

    Well my annual update. Looks like lots of OSR has been sprayed off but surprise or what 3 big fields of barley cut baled and lugged this weekend. Other people to cut barley later this week.

    I can remember in the late 70's barley still not cut in first week of September.

    Surprised nothing being cut on trip down from Bristol/Taunton/Yeovil this am


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    A farmer mate of mine combined his first patch of barley on Saturday, and then went out last night to the same field and managed to shoot a scraggy old dog fox with stumps for teeth.
    Nothing is worse than having an itch you can never scratch

    "...Nicely just doesn't cut the cheese....." A new twist on management-speak courtesy of a colleague.

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    The farmer we shoot for has started in his small fields of barley, over the weekend too. 3 fields done in total, and the head land off another.
    Thanks Daniel

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    Farm near here cut Barley just over week ago, really early this year

    Rape was swathed over a week ago as well

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    OSR was sprayed off about 10 days ago here so about 10 more days (weather dependant) before the combine starts rolling. Wheat is still nearly 4 weeks away. Some barley being taken but the weather has been changeable of late.

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    Agree its all topsy turvey, dry in Taunton yesterday but torrential showers in Bristol. Some wheat a month off, spoke to my mum who lives in the borders and barley is still green.


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    Well got on a combine last night as they started barley last night, v late nothing better than sitting in either a combine or grain trailer tractor, all Air con and superb views. Didn't have rifle but only saw a roe doe.

    Typical weather now turned again, so might get out later in the week.

    It soon gong to be harvest time full on except wheat will be 3-4 weeks time.


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    Just goes to show the difference across the country its going to be another month probably six weeks before its ready to cut up here.

    We still have patches of snow on the hills be into August before its all gone.

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    Several barley fields were cut last week down near me and the OSR was started yesterday, Wheat looks almost ready to be cut too.

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    At this rate they will be planting rice, we had 25 mm on Friday and another 20 mm on Sunday, forecast v unsettled all week


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