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Thread: 7mm rem mag

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    7mm rem mag

    Hi I am looking for sum info has any one got any experience of the Remington Sendero 7mm rem mag as I am looking for a long range target&hunting rifle.
    that has to be accurate so if you can help.
    Cheers Nozer.

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    My mate has one in .300 win mag and I had the very similar VSSF in .220 Swift. They had HS Precision stocks which were very good. Never been a big fan of Remmingtons but I did like the Sendero and VSSF. All the features like trigger, safety, floorplate all worked perfectly well.

    I had my old Sako TRG-S re-barrelled into 7mm Rem Mag, nice calibre but possibly not quite as versatile as the .300?

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    I like the sendero...but usually hate remingtons

    i seriously considered one but it was too pricey in the end

    i too was looking for a magnum stalking and target rifle and considered the 7mm rm but eventually plumped for a 300wm as the upper bullet weight range is much higher

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    The thing with the Sendero is that it's like a Remmington but it comes pre-tweaked! It already has an aftermarket stock which is usually the first thing people change. I don't know what they cost now but I bet its a lot less than an AI or TRG.

    I also firmly believe that a lot of rifles get their reputations for accuracy largely due to the weight of the barrel. People will disagree but I know that it is easier to shoot a good group with a heavy rifle than a light one simply because it is easier to hold steady. Obviously there are loads of other variables, no least the ability of the shootist, but weight, especially in the barrel, is a big factor.

    I had fun shooting the 7mm RM and the .300 WM but I couldn't justify it now, the cost of powder and components has just got silly. I'm out of touch with the magnums these days but how do they get on with moderators, I tried to put a PES on my .300, after successfully using it for several years with a muzzle brake, and had all sorts of problems.

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    I miss my 7mm RM. I sold it before I moved here from NZ. I've had a bit of time on my hands and I've been "researching" what I'd like to get when I eventually return. I've looked at .308, 7mm08, 6.5x55 etc but I just keep coming back to the 7mm RM. For the kind of hunting where shots on reds can be anything from point blank out to as far as you are competent to shoot - the 7mm RM rules. I was a bit nervous about what the recoil would be like as I had owned a .270 but to be honest the 7mm RM was nicer to shoot. Both were Tikkas.
    Senderos are popular as accurate long range rifles and I'd be happy to have one in 7mm RM.
    Good luck,

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    I love my 7mm Sendero, especially after the new stock! Light enough to carry all day yet heavy enough to shoot a potent round. You will lose a lot of meat if you don't choose your bullet carefully though

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    Quote Originally Posted by Glyn 1 View Post
    I'm out of touch with the magnums these days but how do they get on with moderators, I tried to put a PES on my .300, after successfully using it for several years with a muzzle brake, and had all sorts of problems.
    I run a pes t12 on my 300wm and it is much more accurate with than without (group to left is 5x208gr at 135yds)
    also use a brake which is much nicer to carry on the hill

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    I used a 7mm rem mag first time I went to Africa I thought it was exellent very mild mannered and little damage with the correct bullet ( accubonds in my case) even on light framed animals. I used a sako 75 stainless synthetic factory standard. Only experience with a sendero is a friends in 25-06 ive never taken to Remington but that's my problem and not the rifles, it was very accurate and reliable he has had his a long time is a keeper and uses it almost daily.

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    Call me a wimp but I found the RM a bit of a handful. Despite working with it for 2 years I found I was far more accurate with a lighter calibre. Almost got to flinch territory with the RM. Now changed down to a 280AI and find it far milder and for me much more accurate. Not lost much in the way of velocity or energy but it is much nicer to shoot.

    I'm sure this doesn't apply to everyone, but it suits me much better.

    The gun is a blueprinted Rem 700 action with a Pac Nor barrel in a Bell and Carlson stock and a jewel trigger. Loaded with 120 grain bullets it's pretty flat to 220 yds for deer and with 162 Amax it will ping 1000 yd targets successfully enough.

    Also found that the RM was almost a bit too much gun for Red's. You just don't need that much gun to humanely knock them over. I know dead is dead, but when shooting other peoples deer you don't really want to be blowing large holes in them. And I was using 140 Accubonds so not a rapidly expanding bullet.

    If your quarry is Moose or Bear I'm sure the RM is a better tool for the job, but there are not many of them in the UK.
    So much to learn and so little time left

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    I owned a Remington sendero in 7mm Rem Mag when I lived down south and regularly shot at Bisley and a few other ranges. Only ever used to punch paper but it never let me down. It was very much the dependable rifle that consistently punched out the bull without any fuss, expensive ammunition or modifications. I stupidly sold it to a guy who needed a reliable rifle to learn long range accuracy.

    The Sendero is one.of only two Rem 700s that I rate. The other being the VSF. I just don't get the concept of buying a rifle and then having to modify or replace half of it in order to make it consistently accurate.

    I missed it so much that I snapped up Griff's Sako TRGS M995 in 7mm Rem Mag. I use it for reds on a ground that requires longer range shots.

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