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Thread: 25-06 forster benchrest neck die and seater

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    25-06 forster benchrest neck die and seater

    Ive the above item for sell, I was hanging on to it but ive decided to let it go,50 plus p&p

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    I thought this would of sold strait away

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    I could be interested. Is the neck die just for doing the neck or is it fl also. I'm asking as I'm taking once fired .270 brass and resizing to .25-06 so would need to FL size too.

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    It's a neck sizer and a seater.i too have a Lee fl sizer . seater and a crimp in the Lee set.why neck down 270 cases when 25 06 once fired are plentiful
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    I haven't found once fired 25-06 to be plentiful in the slightest and I managed to buy norma brass at 28 per 100 which is a 3rd of the price of new. Sorry if the question seemed stupid but forster sell the seater and fl sizer (which obviously sizes the neck too) as a set.

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    I've no doubt forster do a fl sizer and seater but mine is a bench rest seater and neck sd and ukv and 25 06 brass comes up regular.i use norma 270 once fired for my 6.5 06. I fl doesn't have to squeeze them down will find there is alot to trim off the necks.270 neck way longer.up to you Mr fox.regards swaro
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    Yeah the set they sell consists of the bench rest seater and standard fl sizer. Anyway I think I'll leave it. I'm only looking for a die to do a single pass to restore the case to sammi specs and size the neck down from .270 to 25-06 before I trim them . From then on I'll be using l.e wilson hand dies with an arbor press.

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    Good luck with all that messing really is not be honest you will not see any difference in how your rifle shoots and you will be wasting your money.i would bet you all the money in the world.regards swaro

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    Each to their own. Most of the time it's the bloke behind the rifle that makes the most difference!

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