hello fellow forum members, I am Steve, one of the newest member of the forum and still struggling to navigate the site.

I am a member of of a local target club, shooting both Full Bore and Small Bore Rifles (.22 .223 .308) and Shotgun.

I have permission to shoot over a couple of small bits of land, not much really 9 and 12 acres which doesn't give me a lot of chances to hone in on my skills.

I know a few guys who shoot on a regular basis and have acres and acres of land... Not me!

i posted the ad on the wrong section of the forum... Tut tut, basically looking for as many ways to get into the 'outdoor' shooting as I can get even if that means paying to shoot rabbits/foxes etc. I suppose it's better than watching the telly or going to the football.

any help or advice would be greatly appreciated... Every farm/ landowner that I have been to seem to have lots of guys doing their work and are reluctant to give more permission.

thanks for all your constructive comments... Please be gentle