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Thread: .243AI Custom Built Rifle

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    .243AI Custom Built Rifle

    Blueprinted Remington Short Action, 24'' varmint fluted stainless Archer barrel (by Border Barrels) 1 in 8 twist. Chambered in .243 Ackley Improved. Arnold Jewell trigger, McMillan hunter olive/tan/black marbled effect stock (very similar in shape to Sako with raised comb, cheek-piece and palm-swell), epoxy and pillar bedded. Included are Talley 30mm rings, Redding Die set and some cases.

    The rifle is only being sold to fund a new custom project in .260AI. It has fired less than a hundred rounds, primarily as load development the details of which I have to hand. The twist rate will not suit the lighter 6mm bullets and currently I have been using 87gn Hornady HPBT although about to try 85gn Sierra Gamekings. They will easily group to 1/2" at 100yds. All work was completed by Dennis Groom who at the time was with Border barrels but is now at Jackson Rifles. If he was to build this now it would cost upward of 2,800. I would like to get 2,350 but I'm open to serious offers. I will not be upset if it does not go, it would just mean putting the new one off for a while.

    It does not include the bi-pod, scope or sling. The rifle is not threaded but if required I can have that done prior to sale. It is soft enough shooting as it is. My 9 year old son had his first go last week and shot a group of less than an inch at 100yds! Made dad proud!

    Alternatively, I still have the original laminated stock for this rifle that was also bedded in the same way as above. I would be willing to put this back on and take the price down to 1,700.
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    J, looks excellent. We seem to have similar interests. I have a similar Border Barrels barrel on my .243 which you can see in my gallery. Have you tried 105 AMax yet? I have these loaded 10 thou off the lands with 42.7gr N165. I have just got the other rifle (260 Rem) in my gallery from RG Rifles and and working up loads for that. Regards JCS

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    Hi JLS

    To be honest I have not had the rifle for long enough to play about with different heads other than those mentioned. I have been using 46grns of H4350 with the 87 HPBT's. I like the .243AI calibre calibre so much that I may end up getting the new rifle built in this again. I just fancied something a bit different, hence the thoughts about .260AI although I am not committed to any chambering as yet. I have had the chance to get the new one built with a BAT action and Kreiger barrel through a friend at a price too good to miss! At least that's what I told my wife!


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    Cracking set up a real bargain for someone
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    Still for sale.

    I know its a lot of money at a bad time, but open to reasonable offers.


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    Having seen this rifle I have to agree it is a cracking bit of kit and a good buy for someone looking for a quality custom set up. If only I had a few spare readies..!!

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    Last chance for me to sell this rifle otherwise pending project will be scrapped.

    I will drop the price to 2000 for the bare rifle with reloading dies or as stated, 1700 with the original laminated stock which has also been bedded.

    Although I stated it suits the heavier bullets it should still stabilise comfortability down to 70grn

    If interested drop me a message.

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    Pictures please to Do you have brass and dies/load data. Interested but at the top end of my budget

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    This thread is more than a year old mate !

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