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Thread: The beauty of ticks................

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    The beauty of ticks................

    Just pulled this ba5tard off me while watching telly,it is very small and because it was on a tattoo it was difficult to see,so out with a torch and a magnifying glass and Bob's your uncle..........swine!

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    Welcome to the club!

    I've got 12 on me one morning after returning from stalking

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    Ticks: exhibit A for evidence of the absence of a benevolent creator!

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    picked one off myself the other day, was stalking for 2 days up between stonehaven and banchory never got a single bite (deet helps ) went for a walk up the woods at the back of me and come home with one of the sods, grrrrrrr

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    Lifesystems spray for clothes
    liberally spray the outside and any seams

    i had 3 days stalking in the islands and pulled over 50 off me

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    There isn't a beauty is there? They give me the creeps!

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    The scourge of the humble stalker, and his trusty companion.


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    Bloody things, did three days up north nothing day and a half on my my own nothing ,,,,walked one sheep meadow after the rain seven of the little b,,,,,,s,,,,,,horrible things Luckily all small and spotted straight away!!,

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