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Thread: Macmillan stocks

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    Macmillan stocks


    I am thinking about buying a macmillan stock for a sako 85. The dilema is that I cant decide which colours to mix in a marbled finish
    Has anyone got a marbled pattern they are proud of and would like to share pics of ???

    ATB Steve

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    click on my profile.....there's a pic of my tikka m695 with the mcmillan sako hunter style stock in green with black fleck.
    Totally transformed my rifle.....need very little bedding, but i feel that they are a tad too expensive for what you get.


    Steve M

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    I trust I am not breaking any site rules here:

    If you are not aware of this site, UK Varminting, we have a section where there are numerous pictures of Mcmillan stocks with colour mix %.

    You will have to register to get into the site if you are not already a member

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    Here are my rifles with Mac Stocks, a 222 with a green/black marble varmint stock and a 6.5x55 with woodland camo.Both rifles are Sako 75's. Regards Toby

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    Here's one of my Remiington 700 BDL in Green/ Black/ Grey marble.



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    Sako 75 Hunter, Olive / Tan / Black, about a 30/30/40 mix. Was on the shelf at Jackson rifles:


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    iv a varmint on my 75 olive/black .6 months from order .

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    Quote Originally Posted by Claret_Dabbler View Post
    Sako 75 Hunter, Olive / Tan / Black, about a 30/30/40 mix. Was on the shelf at Jackson rifles
    That really is a very nice handling stock. Was sorely tempted to have one for my Rem 700.
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    I have one on order for my Tikka in dark grey with light grey and black marbeling. Should be here in a month or two as I ordered it in November

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