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    Hi all,I know its not stalking related but my Peregrines have decided to start knocking their eggs about, does any one have,an, incubator /brooder I could buy or borrow for a week or so,any help much appreciated, Tone,,

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    Hello Tony
    There were a couple of very good Incubators on Ebay this week, If you are going to put them into an incubator is should be a good one that hold its temp really well and not have any cold spots in it, they need to be set on 37.5 will no water in it until the egg pip.
    I have some Gyr/Peregrines hatching today in my incubator, and have peregrines and Goshawks eggs in the same Incubator.
    I have beed breeding birds of prey for 20 years.
    If you need any help just send me a message.
    I hatch other eggs for people.

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