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Thread: Confiscated firearms/shotguns - what happens next?

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    Confiscated firearms/shotguns - what happens next?

    An old neighbour of mine has just had his FAC & Shotgun Certificate revoked.
    He was a very silly boy and accepts the revocation and will not challenge it.
    My question is regarding his firearms & shotguns which were take away by the Police.
    What happens to them? Will he be compensated for their value? Can he sell them or transfer them?
    The telescopic sights are no threat to the public but do have financial value.
    Another thing that was strange is that the police took his reloading materials which other than primers are not covered by FAC.
    Dies, Propellant,Brass & even calipers!
    The other thing that I found strange was that no inventory was prepared or given to him for what was taken!
    Anyway if anyone has any idea of what he can / should do please let me know.

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    If they are confiscated by the Police then they will be destroyed with no compensation! Tough luck.

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    Your questions cannot be answered without having full knowledge of the circumstances.
    If they have been seized as part of the enquiry into why his fac/sgc was revoked in the first place, then they will be held pending a court case.
    The fact that he now longer has his certificate means that he will need to arrange the transfer to a SGC holder or RFD (or even a cert holder with vacant slot ) if they have been seized solely due to his immediate revocation of his certificate and they are not being held pending a court case.
    He most certainly will not be compensated
    Its also not routine procedure to issue an inventory.
    Its essential that he seeks professional legal advice as silly boys usually do not have their firearms seized without subsequent charges following.
    It sounds as if the police have attended at his home with the instructions to remove his firearms and equipment and have taken the lot.
    Get him to see a lawyer soonest.

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    I guess it depends really on whether he's prepared to act further, or just take the hit? Sounds as though the revocation is warranted, so I'm not sure as to whether he'd be entitled to compensation at all? At the very least he should have been issued an official receipt for what was taken, I would've thought. Proper legal advice would be best in this instance, I'd say
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    Proper legal advice would indeed be the way to go!

    i have no direct experience of anything to do with revocation etc, but I seem to remember an EX member of this site (brithunter) had similar issues. As far as I recall he eventually manager to get his rifles moved from the police to an RFD and from there was able to sell them.......

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    Any items that form the basis of a charge, may upon conviction be destroyed upon order of the Court.

    Lawfully held items remain the person's property despite the fact that he can no longer lawfully have them in his possession, owing to the revocation.

    Items that require a certificate may be transferred to a RFD or other suitably licenced person now, if they are not required for evidence.

    Uncontrolled items should either be returned now if not subject of a charge and/or required for evidence.

    Competent legal advice must be obtained. The involvement of a shooting organisation if he is a member, would most likely be beneficial in relation to the property currently seized by the police.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dodgyrog View Post
    If they are confiscated by the Police then they will be destroyed with no compensation! Tough luck.
    But why would police take someone's vernier calipers.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Yoda View Post
    But why would police steal someone's vernier calipers.
    Here we go. Post 7 and already the anti police sentiment is introduced. Really not necessary

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    Quote Originally Posted by dodgyrog View Post
    If they are confiscated by the Police then they will be destroyed with no compensation! Tough luck.
    Not necessarily - see Uncle Norm's post #6 above and 10.63 to 10.70 in the HO Guidance where it states in a few instances, "Care should be taken in the transport and storage of guns concerned, which may have considerable monetary value in some cases". It also details the steps the police must take regarding the return, release to a third party or, should the circumstances warrant it after other avenues have been exhausted, disposal of any firearms subject of a revocation.

    Involvement of legal advice or a shooting organisation is imperative for the neighbour I'd say. Lack of a receipt would be a concern as the items seized, both controlled and uncontrolled, have a monetary value and need to be accounted for by the police. My own recent partial revocation, (speedily reversed after their error was pointed out!), elicited an immediate receipt from the FEO for the items concerned, (quantity of 12b slugs)
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    Dependant on how silly he has been it's worth atleast trying to work with the police to see if he can get his tickets back.
    They don't destroy the car of a drink driver so unless used in a criminal activity why roll over and let them destroy your firearms.
    I'd have a local rfd request them transferred to him and sell them on.
    At least get the scopes off and ancillaries back
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