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Thread: Roebucks with Wildboar1973 Germany

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    Roebucks with Wildboar1973 Germany

    I met this German guy called Michael onthe internet.
    I am quiet new into hunting, Michael send me a lot of exciting pictures of great hunts and told me alot about this swapping...

    Suddenly Michael invited me for the start of roebuck season in Germany the 1. may..
    I was a bit sceptical about driving 900km and hunt with a new connection, and could not imagine this hospitality.

    The morning of 30/4 I went off from Denmark and drove the 900km to meet up with Michael.
    I arrived at 15.00, Michael still had abit of work to do in the forest.
    the next couple of hours was spend driving around, some amazing forest hunting grounds.
    It soon felt very natural to be around...
    Michael had booked a local hotel, very nice and the food very good
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    view from hotel
    1/5 :
    I was picked up by Michael this morning, and we went to the hunting grounds.
    Sat in a highseat but the deer wasn't on the move this morning.
    After the morning hunt, Michael invited me to join his family break-feast.
    A nice table with some good home-made products, of vension very tasty,
    great hospitality.
    After the lovely meal, I went for a relax at the hotel.
    We went out and did some work, for a couple of hours on some new highseats. The weather was good and Michaels sweet children was a good help
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    Back to the hotel for a quick lunch,and then out again around 17.00.
    We went to the same highseat, as in the morning.
    Michael had knowledge of 2 bucks in this area.
    After 30 min. Michael spotted a young buck 85m out, it stood in cover of a tree and soon bedded down.
    The waiting time started, and we were both very convinced that this would be my first buck, but he cheated us out the backway, damn!!!'
    We saw a highly pregnant female, and a fox afterwords.
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    Finished the day with a short stalk, around the meadows.
    Saw a couple bucks, but they all vanished and it was quickly getting dark.

    out again 4.30
    The plan was to stalk around the medows and forest.
    A lot of activity this morning, sounds from roe all around.
    A totally beautiful morning, in some very nice surroundings.
    This was the last outing in Michaels home area.
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    The next couple of days should be spend on Michaels friend, Henirich's grounds close to Perleberg.

    Well arrived to Henirich a BBQ was arranged for a bunch of hunters, very enjoyable and good food.
    After dinner I went to a highseat soon a racon showed up and later a doe.
    Ending the day with a cold beer and a chat.

    this morning also started going to a new highseat, between a forest and a cornfield.
    Very great place with a lot of activity,saw a couple of roes and a very promising young 6 pointer.

    Later on Michael picked me up for a stalk in a little valley.
    We saw something like 5-6 bucks in a very little area, we crawled for one of them but a doe started to bark and the buck ran (I was to slow )
    a great morning with a lot of activity
    Home to a great breakfast, a little nap.
    Then out to prepare some new highseats, the weather was great.
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    In the evening I went for a seat, in the valley where we have seen the bucks in the morning .
    Soon 2 bucks showed up right next to me, but unfortunately on the wrong side of the boarder :/
    They were just beside me all evening.
    Suddenly a deer emerged 200m out and itwas a buck!
    Waiting for it to come a bit closer,but it suddenly ran off,
    damn I missed my best chance so far

    30 min. before sunset he came back, nice and calm still on 200m.
    I waited 20min for him to come closer but he didn't.
    I got a good rest in the seat, and decided to take the shot!
    he droped in his tracks with a 165gt-tsx 3006.
    My first roebuck was a reality
    Another Hunter Named Andy, also got a buck this eveaning.
    So a nice little ceremony with beer and waidmanshail was put together.
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    mine in front

    last morning, before heading back to Denmark
    Went to the highseat from yesterdays morning.
    Lots of roe around again but to fare away to shoot.
    The young and promising 6 pointer walked around the seat for 1 hour, I had him in the scoop many times
    saw my first boar this morning, in the cornfield 400m out it never came closer just bedded down again.
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    Back on the BB for the last breakfeast with the guys and a goodbye

    Thank you very much Michael for showing me some hunting skills and introducing me for all these great people!

    Thanks to you henrich for your great hospitality and the buck it is really tasty

    Regards Nichlas Christensen
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    Well done Nichlas, great write up!

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    A pleasure Nichlas!
    Always welcome back...
    Great to get a young hunter addicted to our passion!

    People's hobbies are more their measure's than are their jobs.

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    Nice Nichlas, I do like the bit that says I met a man on the internet called Michael! A stranger person you will not meet, but he's ok!


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    An enjoyable read. Well done Nichlas.


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    Nice write up Nichlas, that was very efficient so soon after your trip, unlike some people

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    Very nice write up, many thanks for sharing.


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    very nice write up and what sounds like a very good trip for all involved,

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    Well done Nichlas. Waidmannsheil.

    Wayne. I think he's got the hint now


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    Nice write up Nichlas and congrats on your buck

    My Hunting Blog: click here

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