This is merely of academic interest at present as I have no access to boar nor no current interest in them.

I have an Northern Ireland FAC which allows me to shoot target on ranges, use a moderator and shoot deer. The deer condition says "[the rifle] is restricted to the lawful shooting of deer on lands for which the holder has lawful authority to shoot over."

I also have a "transport condition" which allows me to take the rifle out of NI and it says "[the rifle] may be transported from Northern Ireland for use on land over which the holder has lawful authority to shoot with that class of firearm, from the person by whom the shooting rights are owned or from whom they may be leased or otherwise obtained."

Now, my reading of this is that I can only shoot deer or target in NI but that once I transport the firearm out of NI then I can shoot anything that I can get legal access to. So while in Scotland I could shoot a fox, or a goat or a boar on the basis that it is outwith the control of the NI firearms people and they have allowed me to take the rifle "abroad" and therefore their interest in what I do with it has ended. Another reading could be that I'm restricted to deer if I transport the rifle, but this would also imply that I'm restricted to deer if I was, say, to take the rifle to Africa and I don't think that is the intention of the wording.

Does anyone know what the situation actually is? If I was to book some stalking with you (in England say) would you accept my FAC as evidence that I could shoot a boar? Or if I was to be stalking deer with you and we saw a fox would you accept that my FAC wording would allow me to shoot it, though I couldn't shoot it at home?