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Thread: Hunting in South Africa

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    Hunting in South Africa

    Hi Everyone,

    I would like a bit of advice please!

    Basically I would like to know what your average British deer stalker would expect or want from hunting in SA?
    I realise SA does have a bad reputation for game being in fenced game farms and big trophy animals being kept like pets for rich overseas hunters, but dont want to dwell on that as there is huge range of animals in very varied environments good and bad, so want to know different UK stalkers perspective.

    So if any of you guys were going to book a hunt in SA what would be your priority, do you look for prefered species, or must be unfenced, or an certain area, or a real bush experience or something else?

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    i am going again in september for buffalo.

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    I went in Feb on a cull package with Settlers Safaris, they will cater for whatever you want, I had a great time and had plenty of trigger time but in all honesty the most fun I had was on baboons and warthogs, they have no respect for fences or boundaries!!!

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    Ive been a couple of times now, I can promise its as challenging as any other stalking and far from shooting tame animals in a pen. A true stalkers paradise. Note my warning you will become addicted. If you want true unfenced hunting Namibia is the place to go. I promise if you go with a good outfitter it'll be the time of your life.

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    I think we need to accept that all of South Africa is fenced. Its maybe only a question of the height of the fences. Having said that, when you are dealing with what can be pretty big ranches, the fences are not intrusive and I've never known of animals being pushed up against them. I've been maybe 8 times now and never felt any of the animals were in any way tame. They all seemed to know the score and skedaddle if they weren't happy.
    What I want from the hunting experience is a good PH who knows his stuff - as they all do in my experience - on a ranch with ample game to keep a chap amused.
    Having said that, I've been in Zimbabwe twice lately and it is different with no fences. Very big areas with the likelihood that the animals you are after will just disappear onto the neighbouring (also unfenced) property. That probably wouldn't happen in SA so you do get much more of a hunting experience. I have hunted Eland in Zim now for 6 days and never shot one. Would that happen in SA? Probably not.
    It's all fantastic anyway!

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    I have hunted Africa 7 times, and South Africa from the Transval, Zululand and the Cape.

    True most if not all areas in SA are now fenced, or partially fenced and have been for a number of years. However my advice would be to look for quality every time and hunting areas that are 20,000 acres and over. Some areas are noting more than a garden and on a put and take basis.

    Nearly every where you go in SA the hospitality and camps are of a high standard, as is the field prep of trophies. I personally would not hunt Buff, Elephant or Lion in SA for many reasons. But for plains game, unless it is Namibia it is hard to beat for value and range of species.

    If you are trophy hunting research your target species well, Kudu for instance need to be 50" plus for a nice mature bull with 3 good curls of the horns and kicking back out at the top. Impala the bench mark for a southern Impala is about 21" to 22" and over.

    There are some very good guys on here and from the reports I have read you will be in good hands.

    Good luck
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    All positive experiences, thats good and very helpful.
    Yes Sikamalc, I do agree with you that the big high value animals you have to be very careful with in SA particularly. Look at the film "Blood Lions".

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    Here is a good size for a bull Kudu. Took this bull in SA near the Botswana border in 1998. 57" bull with my 375HH.
    All grades of deer stalkers/hunters in the UK and overseas catered for. Level 2 DMQ signing off available. Over 30 years experience in the stalking/hunting industry. For friendly and professional help go to


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    I've never hunted SA (but have been there a good few times on business) - but I have hunted in Namibia (twice), In Zim and many, many times in Tanzania - but there as a resident, a pretty different experience.

    My 2p worth:-
    • Always try to hunt animals in their natural environment - I imagine paying a lot of dosh to hunt Nyala in the high veldt is probably a much less satisfying experience.
    • Be modest in your expectations - don't go with a long list of "must have" animals - better to have a really good hunt for two or three animals than dozens of heads on the wall - you will remember the hard and the good ones. I once spent two weeks in the Maasai Steppe hunting eland - looked at hundreds, got to within 10 yards of a good few - but never pulled the trigger - good hunt though!
    • DO a good bit of research and make sure that the style of hunting of your intended operator matches your expectations.
    • I would always book direct, and not through an agent - my view may be coloured by my own experiences, but it is what it is. You can then put questions directly to the operator and if they do not come up to scratch - find another. An agent will obviously steer you to what they have available. There is no shortage of choice.
    • Depending on what you like doing try to combine the hunting with camping/photographic safari - not difficult.
    • Make sure you are reasonably fit and expect to do a lot of walking - so make sure your boots and clothes are well broken in.
    • Enjoy yourself !

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    Quote Originally Posted by artschool View Post
    i am going again in september for buffalo.
    You bet ya!

    All / most hunting areas in RSA are fenced, yes! The majority of Outfitters in RSA are all reputable outfits and hunt on the most ethical way their game animals possible...and yes, there are 'bad apples' out there which doesn't give a bloody hell how they conduct hunts...and I can assure you it doesn't happen only in SA, but adjacent countries' like Zimbabwe, Mozambique and Namibia also.

    The most beautiful thing about SA is:

    1. Can drive under a hour to the nearest town / hospital in case of an emergency
    2. Can hunt 4-5 different environments travelling under 5-7 hours
    3. Can hunt 'I think 67 species, and 50+ native to RSA' of animals in RSA
    4. Excellent world known Game Parks
    5. Beautiful beaches
    6. Beautiful women
    7. Excellent wines and brandy
    8. Friendly people
    9. All the bananas and oranges that Europe gets on our back door...
    10. Biltong
    11. Did I mentioned beautiful women...haha

    Future problems: RSA and probably Namibia is going to be the only country/ies to have game animals left...poaching is getting out of hand in countries like Zambia, Botswana, Zimbabwe and Mozambique...and Government doesn't give a damn about it...This is Africa... not that much animals left (especially Plains Game) areas where they naturally roamed...most animals get hunted on migrating routes near Nature Parks...SA has probably a better 'strike rate' on hunted animals and it is your choice what you want from a 2cents

    South Africa is really not a bad place! Try it, you will be surprised!
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